GPS Lab. is a company of young engineers who are driven by strong passion.

We are strongly convinced that involvement, quality and proactivity are the best tools that help us to shape everything that we create.

We are proud of our work and our success in working with our clients gives us great satisfaction.

Jessica B.

Jessica is a recent UCSD graduate who is very eager to begin her career in software development here at Corelation. Her positive attitude and desire to learn make her an excellent addition to the company. Her diverse internship experience in programmierung, the map industry, and IT have helped shape her desire to be part of a tight knit team that takes pride in delivering a top notch product.

"I am beyond excited to work with the talented team of developers here at GPS Lab. The energy of the whole company is inspiring. I feel lucky to be a part of such a quality establishment with a very bright future."

Theresa H.

Theresa has spent her entire career working directly the Lead Mobile Developer. Her primary focus has always been in the areas of client service and product delivery/installation. She has worked tireless hours with many in the industry, from executives to IT staff to teller trainees, to ensure the success of conversions, system upgrades, and client support. Beyond her experience, what sets Theresa apart is her ability to do so with an ever-present cheerfulness, flexibility, and determination to get the job done right.

With GPS Lab., Theresa believes the company’s actions must constantly reinforce the value placed on our client relationships. GPS Lab. support staff will achieve this goal by ensuring that its actions and words are true to its commitments to service and quality, as the company’s clients are a valuable resource. In short, GPS Lab. success depends upon the success of its clients.

"Supporting our clients will always be our highest priority because they depend on us to be there for them as well as for their members," she says. "We will provide them with a product to enable their success. We will deliver quality software solutions and while doing that we will always listen to what they are asking of us, so we can provide them with the best service possible."

Laurie D.

Laurie joins GPS Lab. with 15 years of experience in credit union core processing. She began her career as a trainer and has served in roles including customer service, project management, technical writing, and sales, giving her a unique understanding of how important it is for each position to fulfill its responsibilities to the client and how that lends itself to the overall perception they have of their vendor. She has seen the inside of hundreds of credit unions and brings operational experience and credit union industry knowledge with her. She holds a BS in Management Information Systems.

“I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with such a well-respected group of people in this industry. I look forward to getting to know the client base and developing relationships with them to foster their love of Corelation and their success as an organization.”